SheffCoat? Glide

Improving the Ease of Swallowing One Tablet at a Time

Most often, large or irregular shaped tablets are very difficult to swallow, particularly for pediatric and geriatric patients. It is estimated that over 16 million American are clinically diagnosed with dysphagia, and as many as 40% of all Americans have at least some difficulty swallowing.?

Traditional film coatings and waxes, are usually applied to these tablets, but these provide only a visual gloss, or color to the tablet, but do nothing to ease the difficulty of swallowing. Studies have show difficulty in swallowing may cause the patient to gag, choke or prolong the residence time of the medication in the orophryngeal phase. Quite often, this discomfort results in apprehension of taking the medication again, and as a result, skipped doses, or discontinuation of the medicine all together, is usually the outcome.

SheffCoat? Glide is a unique easy-glide coating that has excellent film forming properties and provides superior slip properties to large and irregular shaped tablets that are difficult to swallow.

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